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Your PBX with

Virtual PBX

All the powerful features of a business phone system, in your mobile line, in the Infocaller App, SIP phone, or in the borwser of your PC or Tablet.

Phone Numbers

You can port your current number (where available) or get new numbers. Make and receive calls with your Infocaller number from your mobile.

CRM Integration

Easy creation of automated calls using virtual or recorded voices. Connect Infocaller with your application using our API.


All the features of a business phone system, available globally, in your mobile, PC or Tablet

Flexible and Powerful

Infocaller adapts to the needs of your activity, personal or business.


A personal number for you or your family, available to use from any place. Keep your mobile number private while you remain available.


Enhance your business image with a landline. Create welcome messages, call management rules, and much more. make and receive your calls using your professional number.



Give your business a corporate image. Create extension groups, wherever your agents may be located. Link Infocaller to your online applications.

Large Enterprise

Get in touch if you need quick solutions for special projects or events. Our services are resilient and powerful. 

The Best Features


Easy automation

You can automated all or part of your received calls with messages, menu options, data collection and more.


Virtual or Natural Voices

We provide the most advance virtual voices. If you prefer, record your own voice or we can help you obtain professionally recorded voice promtps.

Route calls with Rules

Organize your calls by activating the right actions at each time and date, or for specific calling numbers.


Record all your inbound and outbound calls. We store them securely and you may replicate them to Google Drive, Dropbox or your own sFTP.

VoIP Extensions

Our App (IOS, Android), our web phone, and any SIP phone or application can be located anywhere there is an internet connection.

Extension groups

Distribute your calls to a group of agents, sequentially, in rotation or simultaneously. Use a call queue if needed.


Hold and Transfer

Route a call to the proper extension or group so that your customers will not have to call again.

CRM Integration

With our API you can log and control calls. You can also gather and provide information.

Outbound call API

You can use it for "click-to-call" links in your web site. Also to generate automated outbound calls for alerts or reminders.

Virtual number

use your business number from any device. You will enhance your business image and protect the privacy of your mobile number.

Voice Mail

You may assign a voice mailbox to an extension, to a call script or to a rule. You may receive the audio in your email.

Call Viewer

In our app or web console you can view your call activity in real time.


With our powerful and flexible scripts you can automate polls, after received calls or in outbound calls.

SMS Messages

Use our SMS API to send single messages or broadcasts from your applications or via email.

Custom Projects

If you have not found the features you need, call us and tell us waht you need..

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