A full business phone in your PC’s or Tablet’s browser

Web Phone

Virtual PBX

Your team can receive or make calls using their PC or Tablet. If you prefer, they can use our App for Android and iPhone.

Phone Numbers

You can make and receive calls with all your virtual phone numbers.


View the real-time activity of all your lines, even if they belong to different entities. Activate/Deactivate yourselfs from your group extensions.


Your business telephony, always with you

Call Control

View in which line, extension and group you receive your calls. You can put calls on hold and transfer them with a couple of clicks.


If you work in several activities or companies, all your lines will be available. You can select them easily in your browser.

Call Center

If you belong to group extensions, you can activate or deactivate yourself with a simple click as well as view the state and number of members active in them.



All the Infocaller functionality under the hood: logging and recording of calls, IVR, api integration, automated polls, and much more.

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we inform you about our personal data protection policy.

Main conditions:

  • We log your browsing information.
  • We save “cookies” in your device, our and third parties'.
  • Your data is saved inside and outside the EU, in accordance with GDPR.