Turn your Phone into a Virtual Office

Infocaller App

Virtual PBX

View and control calls in your Infocaller PBX as if you were in your office

Phone Numbers

Call from your mobile using your virtual number. Achieve a better professional image while protecting your privacy.


Use your mobile line to achieve the best digital quality, or take advantage of the Internet’s flexibility and use VoIP


Your business telephony, always with you

Call Control

You will be able to view if your teammates are free or on a call, as well as putting calls on hold and transfering them.


If you work in multiple enterprises, you will have all your lines available, even if they belong to different accounts.

Optimize Roaming

If you have free roaming on for calls to/from your country, you can use Infoacller to call any destination without surcharges. You can also make and receive calls using only data (Wifi or mobile)

Call with your Number

Use your virtual number to call, from anywhere, even if you change your SIM card or only have access to WiFi. Receive your calls to any of your virtual numbers from anywhere.

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