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There is no additional cost per extension or per user. At Infocaller we give you maximum flexibility. You can configure up to the maximum number of extensions included in each plan. If you need more extensions, please get in touch with us.

An extensions corresponds to a person making or receiving calls using the PBX. For call reception you can create groups of extensions to distribute incoming calls to a team. Extensions can be:
1) Our "Web Phone" in the browser of you PC or Tablet and using headphones,
2) Our App for IOS and Android,
3) Any landline or mobile line,
4) A SIP phone or application
Get in touch with us if you have any question.

Infocaller prices are designed so that you spend less, not the same every month. The monthly rate includes the minutes indicated for each plan. If included minutes are used, additional minutes are billed at the rates indicated. here. You can set a limit to your expense or change plans at any time.

Once payment is validated (with a debit/credit card it is immediate), your number will be activated in minutes and will be fully operational.

In the countries where it is available, you can port your number to Infocaller with all the necessary safeguards you need to protect your ownership of the number. Get in touch with us and we will take care of everything.

  1.  Can be increased. Consult prices.
  2.  Routed call traffic and outbound traffic not included in monthly rate, will be billed at the published call prices for each destination


  • "Received calls" are those received in Infocaller numbers (main or additional).
  • "Routed calls" are those made to extensions to route received calls.
  • "Calls" are those made from our app, Web Phone or API to external destinations or extensions.
  • Calls received in adittional numbers will be billed at the prices published for the type of the additional number, not at the prices for the line's main number.
  • Minutes of received calls in Infocaller fixed, mobile or voip numbers will be free of charge when calls are routed to extensions. For calls that are not routed, the first 10.000 minutes per month will be free of charge. Excess minutes will be billed. Consult prices.

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we inform you about our personal data protection policy.

Main conditions:

  • We log your browsing information.
  • We save “cookies” in your device, our and third parties'.
  • Your data is saved inside and outside the EU, in accordance with GDPR.