Optimize a distributed customer support team

With the Infocaller virtual PBX you can optimize your telephone customer service and the distribution of calls to your employees.

Most companies are switching to teleworking so that all employees can work from anywhere. If you work in a large organization, an SME, or if you are self-employed, keep reading: we give you an example of how to use Infocaller to optimize your calls.

Let’s imagine an SME , which staff working from different places, some abroad and others teleworking from home.
In the Infocaller configuration the different extensions are created: Commercial 1, Commercial 2, etc., and groups of extensions by departments, for example: Sales Group formed by the Commercial 1 and Commercial 2 extensions.

When you open “Web Phone” you will see all these extensions and, in addition, now you can see all this information:

Visibility of the people who are available on the phone.

You can set the status of your extensions to: Active, Busy or No answer, according to your needs. In this case pictured bellow, the Technical Support extension does not want to receive calls and chooses to put “Busy” on its extension so that it can tell the rest of the colleagues not to pass calls, since that extension will appear in red for everyone.

Busy mode

Visibility of the groups to which you belong and your status within them.

You can activate / inactivate the extension you want from the groups. If you have to take a break, you can deactivate your extension in the group so that the calls will be forwarded to other team members.

Call other extensions or groups, to be able to consult with other colleagues.

You just have to click on the extension and then click CALL

Call other extensions

No answer mode for extensions.

When a user cannot answer calls, this would be a discreet way to do it, since the rest of the colleagues will see the extension as available but it will ring back to them without ringing your extension

No answer mode

You will see everything indicated with different colors; you have a legend to quickly identify them. Color code:Green:


  • Your own extensions, in “active” state
  • Groups in which you have extensions and at least one is “active”


  • Your extensions in “No answer” state


  • Your extensions in “Busy” state
  • Groups in wich you have extensions and none are active

If you are a member of a group and you have an active extension in it, you will see a green circle, if you do not have any active extensions you will see a red circle.

Sign in to your Infocaller account now and try it out!

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