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  • Trial duration: 10 days.
  • Up to 4 extensions. They can be VoIP (using a browser in PC or Tablet, SIP or our Android App) or phone numbers in your own country and included in our “Zone 1” rate.
  • Free trial includes up to 60 minutes of call reception to VoIP extensions and 15 minutes of inbound or outbound calls to destinations in our “Zone 1”.
  • During the free trial, additional lines or features cannot be added or purchased.
  • Free trial can only be enjoyed once per person, company, group or organization. Infocaller reserves the right to perform all kinds of controls to determine the elegibility of the user for the free trial offer.
  • Offer is discretional and only available in some countries. It can be discontinued at any time.

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  • We log your browsing information.
  • We save “cookies” in your device, our and third parties'.
  • Your data is saved inside and outside the EU, in accordance with GDPR.


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