Virtual Numbers

With Infocaller you will no longer be tied to a phone line or physical switch.
We will deliver your virtual number calls to your Cellular or fixed lines, with top digital quality. You can bring your current phone numbers or we can assign new local, national or toll-free numbers.
You will have access to all the functionality of a business phone system, with no equipment or software investments to make. And no minimum contract terms.

Discover the uses
of Infocaller

Which phone numbers can you choose?


Local phone numbers you can choose among the cities and countries we offer.

Your customers can call you at local rates and reach you wherever you are.

Useful for providing your business with a local presence.


A number that is free to call for callers in the same country.

Will give your business an image of availability and commitment to service.

Widely used for marketing campaigns.


In countries where it is available, cost of calls is paid by caller.

Provides a national presence, not linked to a particular location.

Mostly used for specialized Customer Support Services.

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