Infocaller for e-commerce

Give a voice to your online store.

Use Cases

Two-step verification

Security goes

Enhance your customer’s security with the two-step verification. With an easy configuration on your website to use Infocaller’s API, you will be able to send the user a code through an automatic call to the number that the customer has chosen. This way, even if someone manages to hack a user’s account, the access would be still impossible, since a unique code is required and it is only communicated to the customer’s phone number.

Do we call you or do you call us?

Let your customers decide how to reach you.

Call back

Many people prefer to receive a call rather than making one. That is why it is commonplace to see a “We will call you for free” option in websites of all types of companies. Infocaller’s ‘Call back’ can be used on a website or landing page with just a few minutes of setup.

It doesn’t just trigger a call but it can also help you provide automatic messages with voice recordings, option menus and much more.

Click to call

Offer a special solution for search engines: when a search engine shows the user all the searched data, including a phone number, the user can choose to call directly instead of clicking on a specific search result. The search engine may lose income.

With Infocaller’s click-to-call service, you give the customer the opportunity to call the announcer without revealing the announcers’ phone number but rather a virtual number or a callback option. This way, the call will always be attributed to the specific search.

Immediate information phone services

With Infocaller you will answer each one of the calls that you receive. Even the ones that you receive after hours. An automatic call can help your customers find the information they need and it will improve your brand image.


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