Cookie Policy

Infoestructura’s websites (,, and use “cookies” to improve the user’s browsing experience and to allow some features. Its use will be explained in the following text.

A “cookie” is a file saved by a website on your computer or device and that can be read again by the same website that wrote it. It’s like leaving cookies on a track to be able to remember if you already walked through it.

Cookies serve a wide range of purposes. They can be used to save your generic browsing preferences (language, page configuration, etc.) and can also be used to associate your browser with the data you have provided and only if it has been registered on our website. For example, if you click on the "remember me" option, in order to avoid having to enter your password every time you access our website, we store a special key in a cookie to identify your browser in a future visit and thus not having to ask for the password.

Our websites may contain third party elements (ads, social networking links, statistical analysis services, etc.) that may store "cookies" on your device. If we add a "Like" or "Follow us" button of a social network to our website, that platform can save a cookie and use it for the purposes it deems appropriate, such as suggesting similar services or showing you our or third party ads while visiting websites that contain their elements.

Cookies-types used in Infoestructura’s websites:

Operational Cookies

These are cookies that are saved to allow you to do certain functions on our page. For example, to show you restricted content after identifying yourself or to activate specific areas of our website.

Analytical Cookies

These are cookies that serve to collect data of your preferences, the pages you visit and their frequency or the actions you perform on our page. It is information that we use to know our most read pages, to know browsing habits of our users and to improve our services.

Functional Cookies

In order to do certain actions on a website (shopping carts, accumulate data filled in forms, etc.), it is necessary to save cookies. If you disable cookies on your browser, you may lose the ability to access these functions on our page.

Behavioral Cookies

These cookies serve so that we can show you contents or functionalities depending on the use that you make of our websites. We may add third party elements that use these cookies to show you ours or third party advertising or contents when browsing other websites that use elements of said third parties.

Can cookies be blocked?

As explained above, cookies serve beneficial functions for our customers. However, they can be blocked by the browser you use. Check your browser's help to know how to block cookies. Remember that if you do it, you may lose access to important functionalities of our websites that may even prevent you from using the services.

If you keep browsing through Infoestructura’s websites, you explicitly accept our cookie policy.

For more information, you can contact our custumer support department at

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we inform you about our personal data protection policy.

Main conditions:

  • We log your browsing information.
  • We save “cookies” in your device, our and third parties'.
  • Your data is saved inside and outside the EU, in accordance with GDPR.