WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging App, and therefore, many businesses are offering their customers the possibility to interact with them through this App.

That’s where WhatsApp for Business was born, a tool to be connected to customers in an easy, fast and automated way.

To make your customer service more professional, without losing your privacy, you can associate an Infocaller virtual phone number with WhatsApp for Business, thus avoiding registering in this App using your personal mobile number.

The idea is that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of instant messaging with your customers, without giving up the key to your personal social profiles usually associated with your mobile number.

In WhatsApp for Business you can create a company or freelancer profile using your Infocaller number, where you can put useful information for your customers such as your store address, email or website. You can also add tags such as “New customer”, “New order” or “Pending Payment” in order to organize your contacts or chats and find them easily.

In this way all the “work contacts” that you have created in your agenda through your business, will be separated from the contacts agenda for friends and family that you have in your personal WhatsApp. You can have them all in the same mobile terminal and avoid mixups!

How can I use my Infocaller number to download WhatsApp for Business?

When you download WhatsApp for Business remember to choose the option “Request the code via phone call”

When you choose this option, you will receive a call in your Infocaller number and an automated voice will tell you a 6-digit code that you must enter to activate WhatsApp for Business.

Teaming Infocaller and WhatsApp for Business will provide:

  • Privacy
  • More control of calls and chats.
  • A more professional image.

Don’t wait any longer and associate your Infocaller number with WhatsApp for Business!

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