Menu Options in your Phone Calls

To make your telephone service more professional, use the Infocaller Menu Options.

You can create a numeric options menu in just a few steps so that your callers can be directed quickly and automatically to the right destination or information.


  • Prioritize your calls
  • Optimize the time of your customer support agents
  • Improve your company’s image
  • Power your menu options using our API


Login to Infocaller and go to Configure.

  • Go to “Actions” and create a new message with what you want to say in the menu: “Welcome to…, press 1 for… press 2 for…”
  • Also in “Actions”, create or edit a Script.
    • Add a Numeric Menu (right click on your mouse)
    • You must select the message that you have created before for the menu and select the number of choices your menu will have
    • Chose the action to perform for each option: play a message, go to voice mail, divert the call to an extension, add a sub-menu, etc.
Menu Options

To activate the script, you have to go to the Rules tab and put it as an action in the corresponding rule (for a specific schedule or for all cases)

You are ready to go!

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