International Numbers

International numbers

If you have in mind to expand your business outside of Spain we help you carry it out with Infocaller.

How? We offer you International Numbering! UK, USA, Peru, Canada, Argentina … You only have to choose the country code you need and, thus, offer your customers a fixed local telephone number where they can contact and be served.

When you have your foreign number you set up a diversion to your mobile / landline / VoIP extension or group of extensions to answer the call. Customers will perceive greater proximity to your activity and can make calls to those numbers without additional costs.

If you need to have several virtual numbers with prefixes from different cities, whether from your own country or from others, the solution is to hire Additional Numbers.  Calls received in additional numbers will be subject to the same rules, schedules and actions as your main Infocaller number.

Example: A Spanish company has a Madrid number (prefix 91) that is served on the mobile phones and web phones of its team. But he also wants to serve Seville. You can hire additional numbering from there (prefix 955) and answer calls in the same way. If you also want to open a market in Chile, you can hire an additional number from Chile by answering the call with the same equipment or another alternative that can be configured in the script.

Advertising campaigns

Additional numbers are also very useful for measuring the reach of different advertising campaigns. If in each ad, physical or digital, you publish a different phone number, you will know which campaign is generating the most calls. You can also combine different types of numbering (local, national or free) to test the level of response to your campaigns and the preferences of your customers.


To hire international numbering: If you are not a customer yet: access our website to register and hire. If you are already an Infocaller user: access your Account / Contract To hire additional numbering in your Infocaller service: access your account / Configure. On the Home tab you will see “Additional numbers” See / Modify. From there you can hire the numbers by choosing the country and prefix.

Outgoing calls

Both from our App and from the Web Phone, you can make outgoing calls using your virtual Infocaller numbers. Thus, the people who receive your calls will see on their phones the Infocaller number from which you are calling and will be able to return your call to it if they wish.

You already know that you can contact us if you need more information about this type of numbering!

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