Infocaller App – Your best travel companion when roaming

Infocaller Lite - Your best travel companion when roaming

The new European Roaming, or for his matter any international free roaming program, is excellent news for all of us who travel for work or pleasure.  These rates usually offer free data allowance as if we were in our own countries, without fearing a hefty bill when we return back home from our travels. They usually also provide the possibility to call our own country as if we were calling locally and no extra cost for received calls. But local calls and calls to third countries can be very expensive when roaming.

If your roaming rate allows for free received calls or free calls back to your home country,  Infocaller App, can provide significant savings to you for calls you make to the country in which you are and for calls made to other countries.

In the Infocaller App you have two methods for calling: “Oubound Call” and “Callback”.  This is how it works:

Outbound Call

When you make a call from the App, your phone will really dial the Infocaller number you have configured, usually your home country’s Infocaller number. The call will then immediately connect to the destination number at the low Infocaller rates. If your romaing rate includes free calls to your country, the call your phone makes will have no extra cost and you will only pay the Infocaller rate, which is shown in the App when placing the call.


When you make a call in callback mode, Infocaller will call your phone and will then connect you to your destination. If your roaming rate includes free received calls, you will only pay for Infocaller low rates to your destination.  Callback rates are higher than Outbound Call rates, but still very competitive. The price will be shown in the App when placing the call.

The Infocaller App can be downloaded here. You might be entitled to FREE singup credit. Check it out.



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