Free call with Click to Call

If you want to offer your customers the possibility to call you for free, a popular option is to put a “Click to Call” button or “We call you for free” on your website. With this button, customers who want to receive a call from the company will only have to click and indicate their phone number.

We offer developers the possibility to use the Infocaller outbound call API to acomplish this with ease and flexibility using  Infocaller scripts to automate the call from start to finish.


You have two options for calling a user who has provided you a telephone number:

The first option is: to call the number provided by this user and then, call your call center. You can set up a message such as “One moment, please. We are connecting your call”.  This option optimizes the time of your agents.

The second option is: to call your call center first and then connect the user. This option provides higher quality telephone service because the user receives the call directly from the agent. But it uses more of your agent’s time, who has to wait for the call connection and sometimes, in the cases of failed calls, to no use.

Please visit the help second in our website and download the API specification document where you will find all the technical details you need.

Example of Click-to-call on your website:

Click to Call

For any cuestions you can contact with us.

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