Evaluation of your call center

How can you measure the quality of service you are giving your customers over the phone?

You receive daily calls from customers and you make your best effort to give them the best support. But, how do you measure real customer satisfaction?

It is fundamental for your business to have this information. Every manager knows that “information is power”.

The best way to obtain this information is through a quick survey. An in-call survey is optimal as customer can immediately recall the details of the call.

Surveys that arrive hours later, even minutes, are much less effective. First: customers do not remember all the details of the call. Second: customers are more inclined to reject an automated call-back.

Infocaller has a solution for this: Post-Call Survey. It is very easy to activate it in the Script definition.

As soon as your customer support agent hangs up, the call will continue to follow the script instructions you enter.

The caller’s answers will be associated with the call in the Infocaller activity query.

You can configure the survey to your liking, asking the questions you consider appropriate to analyze the level of customer satisfaction.

The steps to follow in the configuration are:

• Login and go Set up/ Actions / Script

• Go to the “extension” action in the script (which routes the call to your agent or team)

• Activate the box “Continue with script after call end”

• Add the actions you want for your survey: menu options, a sequence of “get data by keyboard” questions, or a combination. The answers will be recorded in the activity of the call or you can transmit them to your applications using our API.

Remember you must first create the MESSAGES with the questions before you use them in the script.

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