Control the flow of the call

The Conditions List is an Infocaller function used to control the flow of the call according to the value of the data obtained from the caller or from the Infocaller API.

_NumInfocaller: the infocaller line’s main number

_NumLlamado: the number where call was received (if you have additional numbers it will be different from _NumInfocaller)

_NumLlamante: the calling number

_LlamadaConectada: 0/1 will indicate if the call has been connected to an extension at this stage of the call

Obtained from caller

You can evaluate Variables that where obtain from caller using the “Data input via keypad”

Obtained from Infocaller API

If you have connected to your application using the Infocaller API and it has set user variables, you can test these values in the conditions list.


If you want incoming calls from mobiles go to a voicemail and from fixed phones to an extension (assuming mobile numbers start with a 6 and fixed numbers tart with a 9).

Condition 1:  _NumLlamado starts with 6

Condition 2: _NumLlamado starts with 9

More conditions can be added.

“Other conditions” indicates what must be done if none of the above conditions have been met.

In each condition you can compare one variable with another or a variable with a literal value. The comparisons that can be made are:

  • Equal to
  • It is not equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal
  • Smaller than
  • Less than or equal to
  • Start with
  • It does not start with
  • It contains
  • It does not have
  • Ends by
  • It does not end with

The result of the example would be this:

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