Configure rules

If you have many calls from your customers throughout the day, at unexpected times when it is impossible to answer and even annoying, on weekends, on vacation, etc … You need to put a schedule to your work life! And that’s what the Infocaller Rules are for.

You only have to configure one or several Rules with the times in which you are available to answer calls and, in the “OTHERWISE” put an answering machine so that they leave you a message or an “Out of time” message…

Rules can filter calls by:

  • Calling number
    • Specific number
    • Number starts with…
    • Number does not start with…
    • Number not equal to
    • Private number
    • Private or unknown number
  • Date
    • Every day
    • On specific dates
      • Specific date or date range
      • Day of week
    • Monthly
      • On a periodic date of month (ex. 25th of December)
      • On a periodic day of the month (ex. The first Monday in May)
    • Weekly
      • Periodic day of week
  • Schedule
    • At any time
    • On a specific time of day range (ex. from 08:00:00 to 12:00:00)

Rules belong to a Group of Rules. Only one group of rules can be active at any time. It is useful to create multiple groups if you want to have pre-defined rules for special circumstances, like emergencies or special events.

To configure the Rules you must follow these steps:

Go to your Account / Configure / RULES Tab / Edit / New Rule

As you will see, there is a rule that is always defined in the last position of a Group of Rules: we call it “OTHERWISE”. This is what determines what will be done if none of the previous rules apply to the call.

You can Edit, Modify, Activate / Deactivate and even Delete the Rules at any time.

The order of the rules (1,2,3 …) is very important since they are processed in the order in which they are defined. When defining your rules, the most specific must be prior to the more general rules. Otherwise the desired results will not be obtained.

For example, if rule in position 1 specifies the action for all calls received Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and rule in position 2 specifies action for calls received on December 25st, the desired results will not be obtained, as December 25st can fall on any day of the week. To change rule order use the arrows on the right while in edit mode.

Look at this example of Rules for a company’s main phone: The company answers your calls from 9 am to 5 pm uninterruptedly, Monday through Friday. Except holidays.

You can now configure all the rules you need, you just have to access your Infocaller account

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