Call Transfer

Thanks to Infocaller’s virtual numbers you can receive calls in your mobil phone, landline, Tablet or PC without the client noticing it.

These calls can, sometimes, be directed to other colleagues or departments, so the “Call Transfer” function is very useful, as it has always been in the old office pbx.

You must activate Call Trasfer in Advanced options:

Call Transfer

With Infocaller you can hold and transfer calls from any of the extension types which Infocaller supports.

Call transfer with Infocaller (General):

You can control calls on landline and mobile extensions using dial pad. Here we show you how to do it:

  • Dial “0” to put the call on hold
  • Dial “8” to suspend dial commands for the remainder of the call. For example, if you are asked to enter some numerical data by dialing, it is necessary to first dial 8 so that DTMF tones are passed to the destination.

Once on hold:

  • Dial “0” to return to the call
  • Dial the extensión number you want to talk to and/or transfer call

While you are talking with an extension and you have another call on hold:

  • Dial “0” to put the active party on hold and connect the other call.
  • Hang up to transfer the call

If the extensión are you are calling is busy or you get voice mail, you can dial “9” to finish the transfer attempt and go back to the “hold” state.

Transfer calls with “Web phone” and “Infocaller App”

It very easy and visual to transfer calls to other extensions using “Web phone” and “Infocaller App”. Just like in a regular office phone.

When you receive a call you just have to press “Hold” button and then click on the extension of the person or deparment you want to talk to and/or transfer the call.

Just click “Transfer” to release the call to the other extension or “End” to hang up the called extension and go back to the “hold” state

If you want to recover a call on hold or alternate between calls, just hit “Recover”

Web Phone

Don’t wait any longer and configure your Infocaller to Transfer Calls!

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