Call Recording and Online Backup

Record your incoming and outgoing calls with Infocaller and replicate your recordings to Google Drive, Dropbox or your private sFTP server.

Each extension can be individually configured to record calls. There are two options available:

  • “Always”: for all calls made and received in the extension
  • “Optional”: the receiver of the call can dial #7 to activate the recording at any time during the call

You can listen to any call recording in the “Activity” section at Infocaller.

Default recording capacity is limited to 350 hours. You can request more storage space or you can activate the Online Backup feature. With it, all Infocaller recordings are copied, as soon as they are completed, to your choice of Google Drive, Dropbox or your private sFTP server.

In addition to call recordings, Online Backup also replicates all your voice mail messages.

To activate Online Backup in your Infocaller line you have to follow these steps:

  1. Login to Infocaller
  2. and go to Configure
  3. In the “Start” tab, you can activate the Online Backup in “editing preferences”

You choose where you want to make the recording: Google Drive / Dropbox / sFTP.

After providing your credentials to the corresponding service, everything will be set and recording replication will start immediately.

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