Automatic outgoing calls

To make automated outgoing calls you must use our API. Using it you can trigger outbound calls from your web sites or your internal applications.

What happens after the call is launched is controlled by an Infocaller script so that you will have great flexibility and power to do whatever you need with the call: a simple alert to play a message to the receiver; a “click to call” link on your web site; an automated survey. These are just some examples of what you can do with Infocaller scripts.

Infocaller scripts can also communicate with your applications via API so that once the call is active, you can gather or deliver the information you need.

A “click to call” example

In your web site you offer the visitor the option to request a call from your customer service department. The visitor enters his/her phone number. You then use our API from your web application to request a call. In the API you specify the number to call and the Infocaller script you want to activate upon call connection (the script has to be previously configured in your control panel).

You have two options:

  1. The most frequent option is that the call is first made to the web visitor’s phone number. In the script, a message is played such as “This is ABC company calling. Please wait while we connect you to an agent”. Then the script connects the call to the call center. The call can be recorded and even a post-call survey can be triggered. This  option optimizes the agent’s time as he is directly connected to the visitor.
  2. The second option is to first call the call center number. The script would play a message to the agent advising the call will be connected to a customer and then the call is connected to the visitor’s phone number.  This option maximizes quality for the customer as he receives the call with the agent already in line. But the agent has to spend idle time while waiting for the connection and possible failed calls.

Infocaller scripts give you the flexibility to do as you wish in outbound automated calls.

Please visit the help second in our website and download the API specification document where you will find all the technical details you need.

If you have any questions, contact us!

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