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A conversion doesn’t end with a click, it begins with a call.

Use Cases

Do we call you or do you call us?

Let your customers decide how to contact you.

Call back

Many people prefer to receive a call rather than making one. That is why it is commonplace to see a “We will call you for free” option in websites of all types of companies. Infocaller’s ‘Call back’ can be used on a website or landing page with just a few minutes of setup.

It doesn’t just trigger a call but it can also help you provide automatic messages with voice recordings, option menus and much more.

Click to call

Offer a special solution for search engines: when a search engine shows the user all the searched data, including a phone number, the user can choose to call directly instead of clicking on a specific search result. The search engine may lose income.

With Infocaller’s click-to-call service, you give the customer the opportunity to call the announcer without revealing the announcers’ phone number but rather a virtual number or a callback option. This way, the call will always be attributed to the specific search.

Count all your conversions


With Infocaller’s integration API you can associate a phone call with a specific ad click. Thus, you will have total control over leads and conversions, no matter if they are online or offline.
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